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As a brand storyteller, I specialize in writing professional bios and profiles that tell your story with impact and help you reach and engage the right audience.

I also offer a full range of Business Writing & Editing Services to help you optimize your website, blog, social media, newsletters and more.

What’s your story? Let’s explore and find out!

We all have a unique story. I can help you identify your brand story and show you how to best tell it so that it inspires others to action and generates more exposure for your business.

I can help you find your unique voice and cultivate creative ways to excite and delight your audience.

As a writer that’s also a yoga practitioner and certified yoga teacher in training (RYT 200), I take a heart-centered, holistic approach to helping you identify your story and develop meaningful content that will not only inform your readers, but also move them to take action.

And if you’re open to working on a deeper level based on yogic principles and practices, I can also help you explore ways to lead your business in a way that’s heart-centered, authentic and contributes to your overall mind/body fitness.

Ideal clients

Are you a health and wellness professional, energy healer or life coach? I would love to work with you!

I work with a range of clients but can bring the most benefit to health and wellness professionals, yoga instructors, energy healers, life coaches, spiritual coaches, transformational authors, or anyone living a heart-based life or running a conscious business.

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